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The Sleeve is printable heat shrink film, it is from the point of view of marketing and product design an extraordinary opportunity to customize any object by attaching a high visual impact graphic design and it is a practical way to create a full range of Products, different from one another, with a single design and packaging, exploiting important production synergies.

The basic feature of the sleeve is the ability to apply it to metal, glass and plastic objects (PET, PP, PS) in various sizes ensuring the integrity of the product.

Take advantage of our capacity to create beverage sleeves, food sleeves, wine sleeves, sleeve bottles, cosmetic packaging, cosmetic sleeves, chemical sleeves, gadgets printing and promotional items.

We currently have two sleeve application lines:

  1. Vapor application with underlap technology with a five stage tunnel with a production capacity of 5000 pcs / h for Full-Body Sleeve products;
  2. hot air application for "Tamper Evident Sleeve" and / or multipack sleeves.
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