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Packaging Sleeve: two good reasons to use it

The packaging with shrink film, from the English packaging sleeve, is one of the best methods, most used and applied on a large variety of articles as it ensures protection and preservation of the integrity of the product during transport, and provides a qualitative image for aesthetic and marketing purposes.

In fact now we will see how the shrink film can improve the maintenance and quality of your product.

Economics, aesthetics and marketing

To understand the usefulness and the value of the "packaging sleeve" at company level, suffice it to say that it allows a further reduction of costs compared to traditional processing with special paints, also guaranteeing the quality of printing and endless graphic design techniques.

There are containers that due to their physical composition and shape (plastic, metal, glass, etc ...) are not suitable for painting with painting and therefore they would not be easily customizable and identifiable. For the company Sleeve Pack no application is impossible because we film directly on the package that adheres perfectly to the container.

There are countless shapes and types of containers and we cover them all ... even the "spherical envelopes" through a machine specially designed to cover every surface. This puts us among the few and only companies on the European market to give this specific service.

Protection, conservation and transport

Complete packaging: from the production phase to the positioning on the shelf of the store, the container undergoes "multiple changes of hands". Take for example the bottle of your favorite shampoo that you usually buy in your store of trust: the product is moved several times from a box to a shelf, to the cart to the shopping bag before arriving at your home. Our film is an additional impact protection. Through the integral packaging, in fact it prevents the bottle from unscrewing and causing the product to escape, avoiding any contamination.

The integral packaging is also an excellent method to reduce the phenomenon of returns, as the product is preserved and prevents accidental opening and its damage, thus obtaining a corporate saving that is projected on an economic level to an advantage for the consumer the final.

Multiple packaging: there is then the multiple multipack packaging to optimize the transport. Just think of the bottles of mineral water that are usually packaged for six units, or the "two-party promotions" for soft drinks or detergent bottles. This technique consists of joining together with a second thermo-retracted film plus vials together. Furthermore, it is required for the warranty seal application, on trays to use dairy products, on paper rolls and the like that do not withstand moisture.


Sleeve-packaging is the most effective and economical way to customize, protect and store products.

In summary with Sleeve pack your anonymous container comes to life and talks about itself

Posted by: Patrizia Giuriali