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Covering sleeve

Give a second life to your warehouse stores and returns

If it happens to have excesses of containers and stocks of unused but already marked returns, it is possible to reuse these stocks and surplus quantities for new supplies.

Normally they are thrown because they are already printed and customized for a single use.

We can give it a second life with the covering sleeve.

What is it?

This is a coating sleeve characterized by a dark interior side. The sleeve will be previously printed with the desired graphics, like the classic sleeves that we normally use for our customers (first application).

This technique consists in the over-application of a sleeve to the bottle to which a print has already been applied. The over-application makes a total coverage of the previous print and allows the reuse of the container.

This process can therefore be carried out several times, guaranteeing considerable economic savings and environmental recovery (avoiding waste and pollution).

Posted by: Patrizia Giuriali

Last modified on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 14:48