Sleeve-pack Srls

Sleeve-Pack is a company specializing in the field of labeling for third parties: Sleeve application with shrink film, the new technology for sleeving cans and containers, adhesive labeling used in cosmetics and inkjet marking.

Third-party sleeve application

The application of the Sleeve consists of a plasticized label that wraps the container with customized graphics to bring out your product better.

Sleever on spherical surfaces

We have developed a specific technical competence in the application of food and cosmetic sleeve packaging on spherical containers.

Covering sleevery

Having redundant containers and stocks of unused but already marked returns, it is possible to reuse these stocks and surplus quantities for new supplies with a second sleeveratura.

multipack sleeveratura

We protect and transport containers.

Adhesive labeling

Suitable for bottles and cylindrical vials used in cosmetics, half-band labels, full or semi-enveloping labels and security labels.

Inkjet markers

Marking used for product coding

Logistics integrated in Rho

We offer the integrated logistics service including goods storage and luggage storage for Exhibitors and Rho Fiera delegations.